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I'm Back!!
When will Spring arrive?
Country Soule Boot and Western Market
I'm Back!


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I'm Back!!

Hello everyone!! I am so excited to be back. Things have been a little crazy around here for the past 5 years since we opened a boot and western store in our town of Albert Lea. I truly didn't know some days if I was coming or going but we made the decision to close the store the middle of December 2017 and so now I can spend more time here with all of you!! I am very happy and excited about this and having more time to spend with my family and build relationships again with my friends. I hope they have not given up on me!

When will Spring arrive?

It feels like spring will never get here. I still have out my winter coat and refuse to pack it away. Days like this - cold, windy, and rainy my winter coat feels pretty good! It's another gray day without any sunshine. Our days have been few and far between to see the brightness of the sun. I am looking out the window at my horses standing wet and cold with their butts into the wind. I bet they are thinking Spring will never get here too!!!  But, we must think positive and forge on and I am sure brighter days will come!!


The weather today is perfect for Halloween!! It is dreary, misty, and spooky!!  Not the best day for corn picking but for spookiness it is right on point. I will be going to my son's classroom today to help with his Halloween party. They will play games, do crafts, and of course have a little snack! He is going to be a Minnesota Vikings football player. I will post pictures of him after today so you can all see how football tough he looked. (I don't want to say "cute" because he would not like that - but I think he is cute!

Country Soule Boot and Western Market

Sorry I have been away for so long but I have to let you all know that we are starting another new adventure in our lives. We are going to open a Boot and Western store in Albert Lea at the Northbridge Mall. We are so excited to bring boots and western wear to town. There will be things for the whole family! Boots, Apparel, Tack, Accessories, and some Home Decor. I have been meeting with different company Reps and getting merchandise ordered and we have already received some boots, belts, shirts, jeans and jewlery!

I'm Back!

I'm Back! It is so good to be back blogging. I will do my best to keep up with it. What prompted this restart was I decided to change internet providers to hopefully gain some speed to my surfing. So in doing I needed to create a new email address and decided owning my own domain was a better choice so that it would alway follow me. So for anyone wanting to email me personally or for Dahl Farm Supply here is my new address Holly@dahlfarmsupply.com it is certainly a process to get everyone informed. I went about creating about 5 different emails sending out to different groups of family and friends to inform them and the emails did not seem to be sending! So I talked to the people that came and installed my new internet service and he said that some companies will limit the number of emails that you can send in a day or in the first 24 hours. Well that was the case! They will only let you send 25 emails in the first 24 hours and then you can send 500. So all of my emails are sitting in my outbox waiting to go out and I need to try and remember to hit the send button every so often to see if they will go. Ugh one more thing to remember. It has been over the 24 hours from the inception of the new email domain but so far no luck! I will keep trying - if you need me all email will come in but they just won't go out. It's good to be back!

Wedding Weekend

This last weekend was a "Wedding Weekend". My cousin Dennis's son Cody got married this weekend in Cushing, MN. Which is about a 4 hour drive north of here. So both my daughters and their boyfriends and my brother's daughter Abby piled into my Buick Enclave and headed "North". We had a really good, no problem, drive - thank goodness. My Dad, Mom,and Grandma Helen also went and so we followed them. It is always nice to travel in packs so if there is a problem there is someone to fall back on for help!

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to every Mom out there! Isn't it nice to have a day that you can be reflected on and feel especially loved. I spent the day with my children and throughly enjoyed it. We went to my Mom and Dad's and grilled hamburgers. My daughters chipped in on the meal bringing potato salad and taco chips and salsa. Mom also made scrumptious deviled eggs and for desert - Banana Cream pie (my Grandma Helen's recipe) Yummy!! It was a very nice leisurely day - I didn't have to do a thing!


Not really sure how you are supposed to spell 4-Wheel'in but you know what I am talking about - right!?! One of my daughters - Jessa - called me last night as Weston and I were just starting out for a nice evening walk down the driveway and said that her and her boyfriend (Erik) and my other daughter - Jade- and her boyfriend (Josh) wanted to ride their 4 Wheelers over and ride around the yard with Weston. I just knew Weston would absolutely flip for that so I told them to come on over even though it was edging towards the ever dreaded bedtime!

May Day!

Today is "May Day"! I can hardly believe it - where does the time slip to? It seems to be a very "slippery" stinker! Weston has only one month left of school before summer break. His last day of school is May 31st. Unbelivable!! Then days of less structure and later bed times. He will be thrilled and I "will not". I love having him home but he gets so bored and can't figure out what to do with himself - I have vowed to have some sort of summer schedule. Only a few hours of TV time and the rest of the day will be filled with chores, reading, math, playing etc.

Cody and Kate's Wedding Shower

We had such a fun weekend last weekend. My cousin,Dennis, has a son, Cody, getting married in May and two of Cody's aunts and myself gave him and his bride to be (Kate) a couples shower. My other cousin Paul and his wife Maria were kind enough to host the event and luckily they have a pretty good sized home as the weather decided to bless us with some much needed moisture. It was a maze of men, women and children!
What a good looking couple! Cody and Kate in sombreros and red hot chili pepper necklaces (Mexican theme you know!
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