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I'm Back!!
When will Spring arrive?
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I'm Back!


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Swimming, Easter, Rummage Sale

Happy Belated Easter! I can't believe it has come and went so quickly! Busy, busy times right now - Spring is full of field work, seed delivery, and chemical pick ups. I need to back up a little and catch everyone up on what we have been doing. The Thursday before Easter we took Weston and his friend Laine to a hotel with a water park and they had a wonderful time. Those boys played till they were wrinkled from head to toe. And boy did they sleep good that night.
Does that look like a boy having fun or what!

Spring is Upon Us!

I think Spring is truly upon us! We have had such wonderful mild weather that all I can think about is Spring, Flowers, New Life, Campfires, Camping, Trailriding etc. just think of all the fun just waiting to be had! The other day we had our first "campfire" in the fire pit next to the house. Weston was pumped! He was building the fire tepee with wood and making his own version of fire starter blocks:
Here is an up close version of the fire blocks:
Isn't he the most creative child you have ever seen!

Quilting on St. Patrick's Day

Quilting, Quilting, and then some more Quilting! That is what I did on Saturday. I invited my quilting group that is named the "Border Babes" out to our place on Saturday which of course was St. Patrick's Day. We had a wonderful time catching up on each other's lives and quilting projects. It is always fun to see what creative and exciting project each of them are doing. We decided that a St. Patty's day theme to the food was in order. So I volunteered to make the Corned Beef Brisket and the rye bread, sauerkraut, Thousand Island dressing, swiss cheese were all donated to the Reuben Sandwich cause.

Apache Junction, Arizona

Sorry for the delay in posting but I went on a couple day vacation. Chris went out to Apache Junction, AZ to ride horse with two friends of ours and I flew out to see him for a couple days. It was absolutely beautiful and I got in on some wonderful weather! It was the Sun Therapy that I needed. Here is the view from the spot where Chris parked his trailer looking at the hills. He stays with a friend of his who owns this place and has room for 4 trailers and about 6 horses.
Just look at that clear blue sky - Heaven!

Winter's Back

Winter seems to be back for a little while. We got about 2 inches of snow between yesterday and last night which I think all piled up in my driveway. Luckily when I backed down the hill from the house to take Weston down to the bus this morning my head lights flashed across a very deep drift that lay in wait to trap us in its depths. It is a wet heavy snow but this time I out smarted it and drove way around the drift and got into the tire tracks made by the early morning garbage truck.


Good Morning! And what a beautiful morning it is here. The ever longing Sun is shining brightly this morning and really makes me feel cheerful and full of energy. It is simply amazing how the sun will uplift everyone's spirits especially this time of year when it is more dreary and gray than bright and sunny.
I have started my painting project in the house and want to show you my entryway.
What do you think? I know it is a pretty dark wall but I love it! It is a dark teal/gray color that matches my rug wonderfully.

The Sun is Shining

The sun is shining! That must mean it is going to be a very good day. Winter can be so cloudy and gloomy so we have to treasure our days of sun. It snowed a few inches a couple days ago and Weston has not wasted the precious time that he has had with the very little snow we have had this winter. Last night while I was at Zumba Weston and Chris played non-stop in it. They tied a sled up to the back of the Gator and Chris pulled Weston around the yard and into the hay field. When I drove up the driveway the tracks from their play where everywhere and every which direction.

Uff da! It's been awhile

I can't hardly believe where the time has gone. I looked back and my last blog was the middle of December! Uff da! - That's my Norwegian heritage coming out. Christmas is always so busy - isn't it? But we really had such a wonderful family time and this year we didn't have to fight the weather to get where we were going. How wonderful! But, a little added extra busy-ness (is that a word) came from my daughter, Jade moving into a new house on December 23rd. We went in on December 22 and cleaned as best we could with the amount of time we had and then right away the next morning we started moving them in.

Gloomy Day

Gloomy Day! It has been such a gray gray day today. But it really didn't bother me. I have been so busy in my office sitting at my desk just plowing through the paperwork making tons of head way. Even if it is an overcast and sad day I am elated with the progress that I have had. There have been a couple projects that have been calling to me for weeks for their attention and because of one interuption or another I had not gotten to them. But - today I did and it feels absolutely wonderful!

December is here!

December has arrived! Wow where has this year gone? It hardly seemed like we had any summer with all the rain that we had this spring.It took that much longer to put the crop in this year and so therefore it shortened up summer! But, I have to admit this year's fall harvest went the best of any that I can remember in our 16 years of married bliss. I think we pretty much had everything out of the field in 3 weeks. That is incredible! And now we are looking the end of the year in the face. I went yesterday to Mankato and did some Christmas shopping with my Mom and two daughters Jade and Jessa.
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